John A. Orcutt

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  • M.-H Cormier, K C Macdonald, D S Wilson, J, J Phipps, Morgan +22 others
  • 1998
17. MBAs are calculated by subtracting from the free-air anomaly the gravitational attraction of sea-floor topography and Moho relief that is assumed to parallel the sea floor (except that the Moho does not shoal beneath seamounts). If crust has a constant density and thickness and the mantle density is constant, then the MBA will be constant. The large,(More)
The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) will implement ocean sensor networks covering a diversity of oceanic environments, ranging from the coastal to the deep ocean. Construction will begin in Fall 2009, with deployment phased over five years. The integrating feature of the OOI is a comprehensive Cyberinfrastructure (CI), whose design is based on(More)
Figure 1. Locations and names of three ocean-bottom seis-mographs (OBS) used to locate events and NOAA-PMEL's bottom-pressure recorder (BPR). All located earthquakes are shown as green dots. Purple star indicates location of water-column anomaly as recorded during OBS deployments. Lower right figure shows outline of 1998 flow (Em-bley et al., 1999) compared(More)
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