John A. Negulesco

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Rhode Island Red female chicks were subjected to complete closed fracture of the right radius at 2 weeks post-hatching. The animals were allowed to heal for 1 week at either earth gravity or 2 G hypergravity state with control and estrogen-injected groups. Intact and fractured radial length, weight, average epiphysial-diaphysial diameters, and length,(More)
Gross anatomical structures of the human body have been known and taught to students for centuries. However, at times, anomalies or even previously undescribed structures are discovered and subsequently reported. This preliminary report discusses the discovery of either a previously undescribed belly of the temporalis muscle, a previously undescribed muscle(More)
Female birds were subjected to closed fractured of the right radius at 2 weeks post-hatching and allowed to heal for 14 d. The animals were maintained at either earth gravity or a 2-G hypergravity state with control and 2000 and 4000 IU Estrone-(estrogen) injected groups. Intact and fractured radii were measured for length, weight, average(More)
The effects of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin on blood lipid and lipoprotein concentrations were determined in two groups of turkeys. The first group was maintained on a cholesterol-free diet, while the second received a diet supplemented with 0.2% cholesterol. Daily administration of capsaicinoids occurred at a dose of 4 mg per animal. Neither drug had an(More)
The present work considers some of the effects of oestrogen treatment on the biomechanical properties of long bones during the process of osteosynthesis. The influence of the steroid was assessed by determining the tensile strength properties of treated and untreated healing fractured ossa radii. The ultimate tensile strength and modulus of elasticity were(More)
Estrone, 0.4 mg administered daily for 7 days to developing chicks at 2 weeks post hatching, increased total mass and accelerated the rate of growth of the diaphyseal and proximal epiphyseal diameters of intact radii. Fractured radii of animals subjected to the same hormonal treatment displayed decreased bone weight but increased rate of growth of the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the use of high-resolution three-dimensional Fourier transform gradient-echo MR in evaluation of the extracranial facial nerve. METHODS Nine normal subjects and one clinical patient were scanned. Several imaging parameters, including echo time, field-of-view, and the use of Gd-DTPA, were manipulated to determine the optimal(More)
In this study adult male CF-1 mice were treated on a daily basis as follows: Group A - controls, Group B - ethanol (ET) treated (1.25 g ET/kg body weight (b.wt.], Group C - ET plus 4 mg Capsaicin (C)/kg b.wt., and Group D - ET plus 4 mg dihydrocapsaicin (DC)/kg b.wt. At the end of the sixth week experimental period the animals were anesthetized,(More)
Rhode Island Red female chicks were subjected to complete closed fracture of the right radius at two weeks post hatching. The animals were allowed to heal for 2 weeks at either earth gravity (1 g) or a 2 g environment with saline injected controls and estrone injected experimentals. Total fractured bone weight was decreased by exposure to the 2 g(More)