John A Murphy

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Mutations in the eIF4E homolog encoded at the pvr1 locus in Capsicum result in broad-spectrum potyvirus resistance attributed to the pvr1 resistance allele, a gene widely deployed in agriculture for more than 50 years. We show that two other resistance genes, previously known to be eIF4E with narrower resistance spectra, pvr2(1) and pvr2(2), are alleles at(More)
Development in wireless access technologies and multihomed personal user devices is driving the way towards a heterogeneous wireless access network environment. Success in this arena will be reliant on the ability to offer an enhanced user experience. Users will plan to take advantage of the competition and always connect to the network which can best(More)
Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia plants (Col-0) treated with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) Serattia marcescens strain 90-166 and Bacillus pumilus strain SE34 had significantly reduced symptom severity by Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). In some cases, CMV accumulation was also significantly reduced in systemically infected leaves. The signal(More)
Multihop wireless systems have the potential to offer improved coverage and capacity over single-hop radio access systems. Standards development organizations are considering how to incorporate such techniques into new standards. One such initiative is the IEEE 802.16j standardization activity, adding relay capabilities to IEEE 802.16 systems. This article(More)
This article provides a review of experiments conducted over a six-year period to develop a biological control system for insect-transmitted diseases in vegetables based on induced systemic resistance (ISR) mediated by plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). Initial experiments investigated the factors involved in treatment with PGPR led to ISR to(More)
ions. For example one method may check the balance of an account while another may approve an order, and yet another may apply a payment to an invoice. Such sessions can create memory and latency issues since their creation and management can come with much overhead due to their bulky nature. The PAD tool identified two potential bloated session beans in(More)
Capsicum annuum cv. Avelar plants resist systemic infection by the Florida isolate of pepper mottle potyvirus (PepMoV-FL). Immuno-tissue blot analysis for detection of PepMoV-FL infection in selected stem segments revealed that virus moved down the stem in external phloem, and, over time, accumulated to detectable levels throughout stem sections (appearing(More)
The Internet continues to evolve as it reaches out to a wider user population. The recent introduction of user-friendly navigation and retrieval tools for the WorldWide Web has triggered an unprecedented level of interest in the Internet among the media and the general public, as well as in the technical community. It seems inevitable that some changes or(More)
The growing size of cities and increasing population mobility have determined a rapid increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which has resulted in many challenges for road traffic management authorities in relation to traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution. Over the recent years, researchers from both industry and academia have been(More)