John A. Morales

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It is clear that the development of new methodologies that increase the electrical systems efficiency and the welfare of users, avoiding pollution as best as possible, are highly desired by researchers and utilities. In this context, in Ecuador, basic service elements like water heaters are usually used by population. Where, currently water heaters based on(More)
Based on the change of the productive and energetic matrix of Ecuador, that consist in the substitution of liquid gas coming from black oil for electricity to cook food and water heating for human use in residential areas, a prototype Toroidal Coil (TC) for a water heater Magnetic Induction (MI) is presented in this article.
In the investigation of new methodologies and technologies, with the purpose of developing a major efficiency in the Electrical Systems of Power, whilst also finding methods to mitigate or minimize the disadvantages or risks to the environment; they have found ways to innovate new unconventional techniques of securing the electrical energy to implement to(More)
In Ecuador there is a lot of electrical accidents especially to level residential, due to unknown of people in the electrical protection necessary for the human safety. Thus, most homes do not have protection systems to ensure the lives of people, this situation increases the probability that an electrical accident that results in the loss of life occurs.(More)
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