John A. Montgomery

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The ability to generate assemblies of metallic, magnetic, or semiconducting nanocrystals, in which the relative spatial arrangement of two or more distinct nanocrystals is controlled, would allow for a systematic investigation of the physical properties of these novel structures. A number of reports have described methods for organizing nanocrystals into(More)
Today octocrylene is one of the most common molecules included in commercially available sunscreens. It provides broadband photoprotection for the skin from incident UV-A and UV-B radiation of the solar spectrum. In order to understand how octocrylene fulfils its role as a sunscreening agent, femtosecond pump-probe transient electronic UV-visible absorption(More)
The lowest doublet electronic state for the lithium trimer (1 2 A) is calculated for use in three-body scattering calculations using the valence electron FCI method with atomic cores represented using an effective core potential. It is shown that an accurate description of core-valence correlation is necessary for accurate calculations of molecular bond(More)
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