John A Mendoza

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Suicide and intentional self-harm are issues of major importance in public health and public policy, with rates widely used as progress indicators in these areas. Accurate statistics are vital for appropriately targeted prevention strategies and research, costing of suicide and to combat associated stigma. Underreporting of Australian suicide rates probably(More)
We have evaluated with Western blotting the serologic response of 144 patients with acute brucellosis and 62 healthy controls to identify a useful antibody pattern to confirm the diagnosis of acute brucellosis. The antigen that we used was a protein extract of whole cells of the strain 115 (rough) of B. melitensis. Patients sera were obtained at the time of(More)
We describe three cases of extragenital infection by Mycoplasma hominis in three patients transplanted with kidneys from cadaver donors. In two patients, the microorganism was isolated in the exudate from the surgical wound after 72 hrs. of culture on blood-agar (Columbia + 5% horse blood) in CO2 and under anaerobic conditions. In the remaining case, M.(More)
We report a 50 years old female, admitted to the hospital due to malaise lasting 7 months, with diffuse bilateral lung infiltrates and a progressive respiratory insufficiency, dying one month after admission. A transbronchial biopsy disclosed an extensive amyloid infiltration. The necropsy confirmed this finding and showed a systemic primary amyloidosis(More)
In order to establish the possible influence of Brucella melitensis rough strains protein extracts contamination using LPS (R) in the immunoblotting evaluation of serologic response, we have studied sera samples from 41 patients with acute brucellosis before treatment was started and also from 62 healthy individuals (control group). A whole-cell B.(More)