John A. Malone

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This study was undertaken to compare the attitudes of nurses and nursing students toward computer use in nursing practice and to clarify factors that influence these attitudes. Three factors within the student sample were examined: changes over time, prior experience with computers, and attitudes toward technology in general. Second, the attitudes of the(More)
This paper describes the development of an instrument to assess teachers’ views on their geometry instruction and their classroom learning environments in six government high schools in southwest Sydney. The sample consisted of 18 Years 9/10 ESL teachers from participating schools. The study involved completion of a survey form using a modified and expanded(More)
A descriptive study of 62 family members with an outpatient adult son with a long-term physical (8 families) or mental (3 families) illness using multiple methods and multiple family members' perspectives. Family members completed FILE, FIRM, FAM-III. FACESIII, the Progress Evaluation Scale, and the Nottingham Health Profile. Single-item indicators were(More)
Given the dynamics of the multidisciplinary team and the infancy of nursing diagnoses specific to psychiatric nursing, most nurses prefer using the DSM-III-R to document practice or do not see nursing diagnoses as relevant. The DSM-III-R, first published as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 1952, is specific to the medical care of individuals and(More)
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