John A. Kunze

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We analyzed the UNIX 4.2 BSD file system by recording user-level activity in trace files and writing programs to analyze the traces. The tracer did not record individual read and write operations, yet still provided tight bounds on what information was accessed and when. The trace analysis shows that the average file system bandwidth needed per user is low(More)
The ARK (Archival Resource Key) is the only persistent naming scheme for internet information objects that squarely faces the service issues underlying practical electronic permanence. The ARK is a specially constructed, actionable URL encapsulating a globally unique identity that is independent of the current service provider. Each ARK is by definition(More)
This paper presents a streamlined metadata record format designed to support the permanence of network discoverable objects. It starts with the Dublin Core consensus and distills out a subset of four semantic buckets − a metadata kernel − that balances the needs for adequate identification of persistent objects and for low cost metadata generation. To(More)
The Z39.50 protocol is a standard network language for searching and retrieving records from remote databases. The Z39.50 client/server session model provides multiple abstract views of records, depending on whether searching, retrieval, or element selection is taking place. The underlying network stream that carries user queries, database records,(More)
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