John A. Kennedy

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This paper demonstrates a super-resolution method for improving the resolution in clinical positron emission tomography (PET) scanners. Super-resolution images were obtained by combining four data sets with spatial shifts between consecutive acquisitions and applying an iterative algorithm. Super-resolution attenuation corrected PET scans of a phantom were(More)
PURPOSE To provide PET/CT image fusion with an improved PET resolution and better contrast ratios than standard reconstructions. METHOD Using a super-resolution algorithm, several PET acquisitions were combined to improve the resolution. In addition, functional PET data was smoothed with a hybrid computed tomography algorithm (HCT), in which anatomical(More)
CT beam hardening artifacts near metal hip implants may erroneously enhance or diminish radiotracer uptake following CT attenuation correction (AC) of PET images. An artifact reduction algorithm (ARA) was developed to reduce metal artifacts in CT-based AC-PET. The algorithm employed a Bayes classifier to identify beam-hardening artifacts, followed by a(More)
100 kidney transplants have been carried out on 91 patients (7 had 2 transplants and 2 had 3 transplants). 4 transplants were from living related donors and 96 from cadavers. 76 patients survive, all but one with functioning kidneys. The cumulative survival of patients was 82% at 2 years and 80-7% at 5 years. 8 patients died with functioning grafts, and 2(More)
There is a need for effective "broad spectrum" therapies for metastatic melanoma which would be suitable for all patients. The objectives of Phase Ia/Ib studies were to evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics, dosimetry, and antitumor activity of (188)Re-6D2, a 188-Rhenium-labeled antibody to melanin. Stage IIIC/IV metastatic melanoma (MM) patients who failed(More)
Despite reports of an increase in the incidence of simultaneous cocaine and anabolic steroid abuse, potential adverse interactions between these two drugs on the cardiovascular system are largely unquantified. Cocaine has been reported to induce coronary vasoconstriction, cardiac arrhythmias and conduction delays. Anabolic steroids have been associated with(More)
A solid-state cadmium zinc tellurium (CZT) dedicated multipinhole cardiac camera which acquires all views simultaneously has been introduced for myocardial SPECT acquisition. We report a method to detect and ameliorate patient motion artifacts in myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) studies recorded with this device. To detect motion, a myocardial phantom(More)
PURPOSE To improve the PET image quality of a hybrid PET/CT scanner by merging CT borders with PET texture. PET/CT scanners provide both high-resolution CT images showing anatomical details and PET images of low-resolution physiological information about radiopharmaceutical uptake. Standard smoothing of noisy PET images may further impair PET resolution,(More)
93 patients received 102 renal transplants between 1968 and 1977. 99 grafts were from cadavers and 3 were from live donors; 93 were first grafts, 7 were second, and 2 were third. At 10 years total actual patient survival was 66.6%. 50 (55.5%) of 90 first cadaver grafts, and 52.2% of all cadaver grafts, survived at 10 years. Cardiovascular disease was the(More)
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