John A. Kapenga

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Duo-trio and triangular method models by Ura (1960, Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers 7, 107-119) and David and Trivedi (unpublished Technical Report #55, Department of Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1962) for examining perceptual processes have proven to be very useful, but are limited to univariate phenomena. Recent Monte Carlo(More)
In this article we explore the possibility of a VLSI chip for ray tracing bicubic patches in Bezier form. The purpose of the chip is to calculate the intersection point of a ray with the bicubic patch to a specified level of accuracy, returning parameter values (u,v) specifying the location of the intersection on the patch, and a parameter value, t, which(More)
TOR'S NOTE: A Pracnique entitled "MEANSORT" by ia Motzkin, published in the April 1983 issue of munications, elicited several items of correspondence t covered many of the same technical points. Rather than lishing each individual piece of correspondence, we are nting instead a comprehensive reply by the author to the es raised by the correspondents. n(More)