John A. Kalomiros

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We evaluate the performance of a hardware/software architecture designed to perform a wide range of fast image processing tasks. The system architecture is based on hardware featuring a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) co-processor and a host computer. A LabVIEW host application controlling a frame grabber and an industrial camera is used to capture and(More)
An “electronic nose” based on a low-cost array of gas-sensors is developed and tested for the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emanated from samples of the ascomecyte Tuber or truffle. These fungi have highly appreciated gastronomical and nutritive merits and they own a variable characteristic aroma depending on their stage of(More)
The design of a hardware co-processor for stereo depth detection, based on a parallel implementation of the Sum of Absolute Differences algorithm, is presented. Model-based designs are followed, and a parameterisable open source VHDL library component appropriate for integration within a system-on-aprogrammable chip is created. We target a field(More)
The optimization of optoelectronic properties of Al/a-SiC:H Schottky diodes grown as Al/a-SiC:H/c-Si(n) structures is studied by means of thermal annealing of a-SiC:H thin films. According to the spectral response of the Schottky diodes the measured quantum efficiency, Zmeasured, increases with increasing annealing temperature (400–600 1C), whereas(More)