John A. Jansen

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BACKGROUND Bone grafts are required to repair large bone defects after tumour resection or large trauma. The availability of patients' own bone tissue that can be used for these procedures is limited. Thus far bone tissue engineering has not lead to an implant which could be used as alternative in bone replacement surgery. This is mainly due to problems of(More)
145 Approximating dynamic global illumination in image space. T Ritschel, T Grosch, HP Seidel SI3D, 75­82 123 Cascaded light propagation volumes for real­time indirect illumination. A Kaplanyan, C Dachsbacher SI3D, 99­107 83 Efficient sparse voxel octrees. 52 Perceptually consistent example­based human motion retrieval. 51 Screen space fluid rendering with(More)
The inward rectifier current generated by Kir2.1 ion channel proteins is primarily responsible for the stable resting membrane potential in various excitable cell types, like neurons and myocytes. Tight regulation of Kir2.1 functioning prevents premature action potential formation and ensures optimal repolarization times. While Kir2.1 forward trafficking(More)
A biomaterial scaffold is one of the key factors for successful tissue engineering. In recent years, an increasing tendency has been observed toward the combination of scaffolds and biomolecules, e.g. growth factors and therapeutic genes, to achieve bioactive scaffolds, which not only provide physical support but also express biological signals to modulate(More)
A biological pacemaker might be created by generation of a cellular construct consisting of cardiac cells that display spontaneous membrane depolarization, and that are electrotonically coupled to surrounding myocardial cells by means of gap junctions. Depending on the frequency of the spontaneously beating cells, frequency regulation might be required. We(More)
Mucoid strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa that overproduce the exopolysaccharide alginate are a frequent cause of chronic respiratory infections in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. The overproduction of alginate by these strains is often caused by mutations within mucA of the algU mucABCD gene cluster. This gene cluster encodes an extreme stress response(More)
AIMS In the present study, the efficacy of multi-scale photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) was investigated to detect, map, and quantify trace amounts [nanograms (ng) to micrograms (µg)] of SWCNTs in a variety of histological tissue specimens consisting of cancer and benign tissue biopsies (histological specimens from implanted tissue engineering scaffolds). (More)
This study was designed to examine the influence of integrin subunit-b1 and subunit-b3 on the behavior of primary osteoblast-like cells, cultured on calcium phosphate (CaP)-coated and non coated titanium (Ti). Osteoblast-like cells were incubated with specific monoclonal antibodies against integrin-b1 and integrin-b3 to block the integrin function.(More)
OBJECTIVES Enamel matrix derivative (EMD) has proven to enhance periodontal regeneration; however, its effect is mainly restricted to the soft periodontal tissues. Therefore, to stimulate not only the soft tissues, but also the hard tissues, in this study EMD is combined with an injectable calcium phosphate cement (CaP; bone graft material). The aim was to(More)
A process of micromolding, delivering micro- and nanopatterned ceramic surfaces for biomaterial applications is described in this work. To create the desired structures, tape casting of ceramic slurries on microfabricated silicon mold was used. Several tape casting slurry compositions were tested to evaluate the feasibility of transferring micro- and(More)