John A Hambridge

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By assessing a group of adults who grew up in a household with a parent affected by Huntington's disease (HD), the authors explored the hypothesis that HD causes major disruption in family life. High rates of family dysfunction were reported. Adverse parenting in the form of parental and maternal overcontrol and paternal abuse were endorsed for both the(More)
OBJECTIVE To utilize existing medical record information in order to examine the relationship between depression, anxiety, levels of social support and clinical outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation attendees. METHOD In a tertiary care centre 389 records for cardiac rehabilitation outpatients were analysed. Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scales scores(More)
Assertive and intensive community treatment for the seriously mentally ill is becoming a widely accepted approach internationally. This type of service is, however, still relatively new in Australia and New Zealand, and it has rarely been fully integrated into a comprehensive catchment area community and hospital mental health service. This paper has two(More)
Intensive and assertive community based treatment was provided to 27 inner city and 45 suburban severely and chronically mentally ill patients in Sydney. The teams use assertive outreach methods to address the needs of these most difficult to treat patients who have only sporadically complied with outpatient treatment and who frequently required(More)
OBJECTIVE In a general medical hospital with limited mental health resources, a clinical need arose for an effective treatment for depression and anxiety symptoms in cardiac rehabilitation patients. METHOD A total of 628 cardiac rehabilitation outpatients at a tertiary care centre were screened with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale at week 4 of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a six-session group cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programme results in a greater reduction in depression symptoms than a brief intervention alone in cardiac patients with clinically significant symptoms of depression. METHOD Fifty-seven community dwelling cardiac patients scoring >13 on the Beck Depression Inventory-II(More)
Recent knowledge of the widespread extent of child sexual abuse and its consequences has led to an increasing interest in the understanding and treatment of perpetrators. This study examined a group of pedophiles in an English Special Hospital to determine possible characteristics that make children attractive and adults unattractive to them, using(More)
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