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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This literature review represents the work of many people. The general background section was written by Margaret A. O'Connell. Kathyrn A. Kelsey wrote the review of empirical studies for amphibians and reptiles. Ellen L. Martin-Yanny wrote the corresponding section for birds, Bertie J. Weddell wrote the small mammal review. Robin E. Christy(More)
Postembryonic skeletal ontogeny of the pelobatid frog Scaphiopus intermontanus is described based on a developmental series of cleared-and-stained, whole-mount specimens. The focus is on laboratory-reared individuals fed a herbivorous diet as larvae. Although there is variation in the timing of ossification of individual skeletal elements relative to(More)
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We provide a detailed description of the larval morphology of the Great Basin spadefoot toad (Scaphiopus intermontanus), a species with documented morphological variability in larval structures associated with feeding. We based our findings on laboratory-raised individuals fed a herbivorous diet. We characterized the morphology of the prometamorphic larva(More)
There is a great deal to welcome in Michael Burawoy's plea for public sociology. For one thing, sociologists can have an impact on public affairs, and in the varied ways in which he suggests. The role played by European sociology in ending capital punishment seems to me exemplary, and I have no doubt but that basic morality should lead sociologists into(More)
The principle of and experience in continuous and instantaneous monitoring of shell temperature level for a 3000 ton/day preheater kiln is described. The system primarily consists of a high-speed infrared scanner which measures the kiln shell temperature, a computer which transforms and analyzes the temperature measurements, and a graphical display(More)