John A. Caldwell

J Lynn Caldwell4
Hans P A Van Dongen2
Robert D O'Donnell1
4J Lynn Caldwell
2Hans P A Van Dongen
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OBJECTIVE This study examined the effects of posture on electroencephalographic (EEG) activity and psychomotor vigilance task (PVT) performance in 16 sleep-deprived volunteers. METHODS EEG data were collected while participants completed 10 min PVTs under two counterbalanced sitting/standing conditions during 28 h of continuous wakefulness. RESULTS In(More)
Recent evidence suggests that underlying patterns of cortical activation may partially account for individual differences in susceptibility to the effects of sleep deprivation. Here, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to examine the activation of military pilots whose sleep-deprivation vulnerability previously was quantified. A Sternberg(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated oculometrics as a detector of fatigue in Air Force-relevant tasks after sleep deprivation. Using the metrics of total eye closure duration (PERCLOS) and approximate entropy (ApEn), the relation between these eye metrics and fatigue-induced performance decrements was investigated. BACKGROUND One damaging effect to the(More)
In this paper we present our rationale and design principles for a <i>distributed e-library</i> of medieval chant manuscript transcriptions. We describe the great variety in <i>neumatic</i> notations, in order to motivate a standardised data representation that is <i>lossless</i> and universal with respect to these musical artefacts. We present some details(More)
Individual differences in cognitive functioning during extended work hours and shift work are of considerable magnitude, and observed both in the laboratory and in the workplace. These individual differences have a biological basis in trait-like, differential vulnerability to fatigue from sleep loss and circadian misalignment. Trait-like vulnerability is(More)
Laboratory research has revealed considerable systematic variability in the degree to which individuals' alertness and performance are affected by sleep deprivation. However, little is known about whether or not different populations exhibit similar levels of individual variability. In the present study, we examined individual variability in performance(More)
We discuss a crucial part of infrastructure for the Web-delivery of medieval chant resources. Although widely accepted by software professionals, the distributed-content model is sharply opposed by some chant scholars. We advocate for a paradigm of the Web as a massive database where each "first class object" acts like a record; metadata about, and links to(More)
Herein we summarize a discussion on the topic of how psychopharmaceuticals for potential military operational use may be evaluated based on their effects on performance and safety, and introduce two manuscripts: the first (Caldwell and Caldwell; 1) addressing the operational use of fatigue countermeasures; and the second (Rowland; 3) discussing the(More)
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