John A. Bull

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This paper describes a generic neural flight control and autopilot system, which can be applied to a wide range of vehicle classes. A neural flight control system is used to provide adaptive flight control, without requiring extensive gain-scheduling or explicit system identification. The neural flight control system uses reference models to specify desired(More)
Normally, the damage that results in a total loss of the primary flight controls of a jet transport airplane, including all engines on one side, would be catastrophic. In response, NASA Dryden has conceived an emergency flight control system that uses only the thrust of a wing-mounted engine along with a lateral center-of-gravity (CGY) offset from fuel(More)
This document proposes a framework for security in ANSA. A major concern of ANSA is support for systems that are not part of a common management hierarchy, but which nevertheless need to cooperate. The ANSA security framework shows how security may be provided, both within and between such systems. ANSA has adopted an object-based model to support the(More)
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