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STUDY DESIGN An in vivo model was used to determine levels of mRNA expression in response to direct current (DC) electrical stimulation in a rabbit posterolateral fusion model. OBJECTIVES This study tested the possibility that DC stimulation at the surgery site would increase expression of genes related to bone formation relative to expression in(More)
STUDY DESIGN Six groups of 10 animals underwent single level, uninstrumented posterolateral lumbar fusions. Graft sites were implanted with autologous bone, autologous bone plus B2A coated granules with concentrations of 0-, 50-, 100-, or 300 microg/mL, or no graft material. Explanted motion segments were analyzed by Faxitron radiographs, computerized(More)
The use of a porous tricalcium phosphate bone void filler (Cellplex TCP, Wright Medical Technology, Inc, Arlington, Tenn) as an alternative to autograft in bone grafting was studied in benchtop, in vitro cell culture, and in vivo preclinical studies. The experimental design included material property quantification, scaffold seeding with mesenchymal stem(More)
This paper describes the design, evaluation, and preliminary results of a specialized testing device and surgical protocol to determine translational stiffness of a rabbit knee, replicating the clinical anterior drawer test. Coronal-plane transverse pins are inserted through the rabbit leg, two in the tibia and one in the distal femur, to hold and(More)
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