John A Blackford

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A currently obscure area of steroid hormone action is where the component factors, including receptor and reporter gene, act. The DNA binding of factors can be precisely defined, but the location and(More)
TTLL5/STAMP (tubulin tyrosine ligase-like family member 5) has multiple activities in cells. TTLL5 is one of 13 TTLLs, has polyglutamylation activity, augments the activity of p160 coactivators(More)
Several factors modulate the position of the dose-response curve of steroid receptor-agonist complexes and the partial agonist activity of antagonist complexes, thereby causing differential gene(More)
The pulmonary toxicity of the respirable dusts silica, coal, carbonyl iron, and titanium dioxide on alveolar macrophage (AM) and neutrophil (PMN) inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) gene(More)
An important component of glucocorticoid steroid induction of tyrosine aminotransferase (TAT) gene expression is the glucocorticoid modulatory element (GME), which is located at -3.6 kb of the rat(More)