John A. Belward

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In Burrage and Burrage (1996) it was shown that by introducing a very general formulation for stochastic Runge-Kutta methods, the previous strong order barrier of order one could be broken without having to use higher derivative terms. In particular, methods of strong order 1.5 were developed in which a Stratonovich integral of order one and one of order(More)
Modelling water droplet movement on a leaf surface. Abstract Modelling droplet movement on leaf surfaces is an important component in understanding how water, pesticide or nutrient is absorbed through the leaf surface. A simple mathematical model is proposed in this paper for generating a realistic, or natural looking trajectory of a water droplet(More)
We employ the truncated Chebyshev series to approximate the Bessel function of the second kind Y n (z) for jzj 8. Detailed manipulations and discussions for Y 0 (z) and Y 1 (z) are given. Results of numerical experiments are presented to demonstrate the computed accuracy by using the Chebyshev series approximation. Advantages and disadvantages of the(More)
A curvilinear thin film model is used to simulate the motion of droplets on a virtual leaf surface, with a view to better understand the retention of agricultural sprays on plants. The governing model, adapted from Roy et al. (2002 J. Fluid Mech. 454, 235-261 (doi:10.1017/S0022112001007133)) with the addition of a disjoining pressure term, describes the(More)
In the last decade, Australia had applied a large program of privatisation in many sectors of the economy. As a result, the power industry has been deregulated and undergone partial privatisation, creating new specific issues. In present, the bid price has a crucial role in the unit commitment problem. This paper describes a genetic algorithm approach which(More)
Recent academic developments which include a changing student profile, the focus of contemporary research, and social trends have combined to pose significant challenges in first year undergraduate mathematics courses. Issues which arise include the content level, the need to maintain rigour, addressing the needs of specialist and non-specialist students,(More)
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