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OBJECTIVE Several causes of spatial inaccuracies in image-guided surgery have been carefully studied and documented for several systems. These include error in identifying the external features used for registration, geometrical distortion in the preoperative images, and error in tracking the surgical instruments. Another potentially important source of(More)
Chu spaces are a new model for information structure (cf. Their properties are usually developed as a form of category theory. In this note, we show how they may also be viewed as models for a two-sorted first-order language, and we determine the exact flow of information across the natural Chu transforms. Our analysis is akin to that of process graphs via(More)
Patients with idiopathic orthostatic intolerance (IOI) exhibit symptoms suggestive of cerebral hypoperfusion and an excessive decrease in cerebral blood flow associated with standing despite sustained systemic blood pressure. In 9 patients (8 women and 1 man aged 22 to 48 years) with IOI, we tested the hypothesis that volume loading (2000 cc normal saline)(More)
OBJECTIVE Develop and test methods for representing and classifying breath sounds in an intensive care setting. METHODS Breath sounds were recorded over the bronchial regions of the chest. The breath sounds were represented by their averaged power spectral density, summed into feature vectors across the frequency spectrum from 0 to 800 Hertz. The sounds(More)
[2] Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS). Les maladies respiratoires chroniques. [4] M. Nissan and N. Gavriely. A microcomputer based lung sounds analysis. Comput. new versátil pc-based lung sound analyzer with automatic crackle analysis (HeLSA). A new method for automatic wheeze detection. Classification of respiratory sounds based on wavelet packet(More)
BACKGROUND Non-convulsive seizures (NCS) or non-convulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) has been reported in 8-20 % of critically ill patient populations, and delayed diagnosis and treatment of NCSE may lead to increased mortality. This study seeks to better understand the risk factors, characteristics, and outcome of NCS/NCSE in the neurological ICU. (More)
The type theoretic interpretation of constructive set theory choice principles D.S. BRIDGES Recent progress in constructive approximation theory
1 Good thinking needs good representations. (A fact noted by Archimedes in his Sand-Reckoner.) • When the representations are public, we can measure their efficiency. I report some recent work relating representations in logic to different thinking strategies. • When the representations are internal, experimental work is hard to tie up with introspective(More)
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