John A. Atkinson-Abutridy

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An evolutionary approach that combines information extraction technology and genetic algorithms can produce a new, integrated model for text mining. Text mining discovers unseen patterns in textual databases. We've brought together the benefits of GAs for data mining and IE technology to propose a new approach for high-level knowledge discovery. Unlike(More)
—We present a novel evolutionary model for knowledge discovery from texts (KDTs), which deals with issues concerning shallow text representation and processing for mining purposes in an integrated way. Its aims is to look for novel and interesting explanatory knowledge across text documents. The approach uses natural language technology and genetic(More)
This paper considers a finite-state parsing algorithm for implementing natural language interfaces. The algorithm has some practical improvements compared to other recognizing algorithms. Resolution of syntax ambiguity, programming facilities and post execution of semantic actions are discussed too.Our approach was implemented in order to design the GILENA(More)
in this ongoing research, an integrated approach for discovering high-level knowledge from texts by exploiting both local (contextual) information and global hypotheses is proposed. The underlying model which integrates Information Extraction and evolutionary techniques to produce interesting and novel hypotheses rules is described. In addition, novel(More)
This work considers a parsing algorithm for implementing ATN-based natural language interfaces. That algorithm has many practical improvements compared to other parsing algorithms. Resolution of syntax ambiguity , programming facilities and post execution of semantic actions are some of the features included too. The algorithm was implemented in order to(More)
General permission to republish, but not for profit, all or part of this material is granted, provided that the JRPIT copyright notice is given and that reference is made to the publication, to its date of issue, and to the fact that reprinting privileges were granted by permission of the Australian Computer Society Inc. A computational linguistics approach(More)