John A Alexopoulos

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In this study the serum selenium levels of 500 healthy Greeks and 225 patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) were measured using Watkinson's method. The patients were treated either conservatively or by peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis. We found that the levels were in an intermediate position compared to those of other Europeans. Selenium levels(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of interlocking intramedullary nailing in the treatment of extra-articular distal tibial fractures and nonunions. METHODS The study included 45 patients (mean age 42 years; range 27 to 52 years) who were treated with interlocking intramedullary nailing for distal tibial fractures (n=35) and(More)
Proteolysis is an important process for many aspects of bacterial physiology. Clp proteases carry out a large proportion of protein degradation in bacteria. These enzymes assemble in complexes that combine the protease ClpP and the unfoldase, ClpA or ClpX. ClpP oligomerizes as two stacked heptameric rings enclosing a central chamber containing the(More)
The bacterial protease ClpP consists of 14 subunits that assemble into two stacked heptameric rings. The central degradation chamber can be accessed via axial pores. In free ClpP, these pores are obstructed by the N-terminal regions of the seven subunits at either end of the barrel. Acyldepsipeptides (ADEPs) are antibacterial compounds that bind in(More)
Acyldepsipeptides (ADEPs) antibiotics bind to Escherichia coli ClpP mimicking the interactions that the IGL/F loops in ClpA or ClpX ATPases establish with the hydrophobic pockets surrounding the axial pore of the tetradecamer that the protease forms. ADEP binding induces opening of the gates blocking the axial channel of ClpP and allowing protein substrates(More)
Protoporphyrinogen oxidase activity and ferrochelatase activity were measured in leucocytes from patients with porphyria variegata. The mean activity of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) in porphyria variegata (PV) was about 50% of normal (P less than 0.05). The mean activity of ferrochelatase with 59Fe2+ sulphate and protoporphyrin as substrates (in the(More)
In [6] Freniche proved that any weakly null martingale difference sequence in L 1 [0, 1] has arithmetic means that converge in norm to 0. We show any weakly null martingale difference sequence in an Orlicz space whose N-function belongs to ∇ 3 has arithmetic means that converge in norm to 0. Then based on a theorem in Stout [13][Theorem 3.3.9 (i) and(More)
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