John A. A. Nichols

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BACKGROUND A gene-based estimate of lung cancer risk in smokers has been shown to act as a smoking cessation motivator in hospital recruited subjects. The objective of this trial is to determine if this motivator is as effective in subjects recruited from an NHS primary care unit. METHOD/DESIGN Subjects will be recruited by mailings using smoking entries(More)
(1) During the first ten years after primary vaccination with live measles virus vaccine, a slow decline in the level of HAI antibody titres has been demonstrated. The decline after more attenuated vaccines was at the same gradient, but at lower titres.(2) During the same period after primary vaccination by inactivated (; killed ') followed by live - K + L(More)
As genetic tests become cheaper, the possibility of their widespread availability must be considered. This study involves a risk score for lung cancer in smokers that is roughly 50% genetic (50% clinical criteria). The risk score has been shown to be effective as a smoking cessation motivator in hospital recruited subjects (not actively seeking cessation(More)
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