Johel Mitéran

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This paper is about generalized Fourier descriptors, and their application to the research of invariants under group actions. A general methodology is developed, crucially related to Pontryagin’s, Tannaka’s, Chu’s and Tatsuuma’s dualities, from abstract harmonic analysis. Application to motion groups provides a general methodology for pattern recognition.(More)
We propose an automatic approach to detect falls in home environment. A Support Vector Machine based classifier is fed by a set of selected features extracted from human body silhouette tracking. The classifier is followed by filtering operations taking into account the temporal nature of a video. The features are based on height and width of human body(More)
We propose a method and a tool for automatic generation of hardware implementation of a decision rule based on the Adaboost algorithm. We review the principles of the classification method and we evaluate its hardware implementation cost in terms of FPGA’s slice, using different weak classifiers based on the general concept of hyperrectangle. The main(More)
Despite the diversity of video compression standard, the motion estimation still remains a key process which is used in most of them. Moreover, the required coding performances (bit-rate, PSNR, image spatial resolution,etc.) depend obviously of the application, the environment and the network communication. The motion estimation can therefore be adapted to(More)
Fourier descriptors have been used successfully in the past to grey-level images, rigid bodied object. Here we used Motion Descriptors (MD) introduced recently by Gauthier et al., combined with Zernike Moments (ZM), in order to perform a recognition task in colour images. The feature vector for the MD obtained for each object appears to be unique and can be(More)
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men over 50 years of age and it has been shown that nuclear magnetic resonance spectra are sensitive enough to distinguish normal and cancer. In this paper, we propose a classification technique of spectra from magnetic resonance spectroscopy. We studied automatic classification with and without quantification of(More)
Face detection and recognition has many applications in a variety of fields such as security system, videoconferencing and identification. Face classification is currently implemented in software. A hardware implementation allows real-time processing, but has higher cost and time to-market. The objective of this work is to implement a classifier based on(More)