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Enhancing students' geometrical thinking levels through Van Hiele's phase-based Geometer's Sketchpad-aided learning
The content order of geometric components in the mathematics curriculum and the teaching process in a geometry class are said to be in contrast with the existing level of geometric thinking among secondary school students in Malaysia. Expand
Conceptual difficulties of secondary school students in electrochemistry
This study designed primarily to explore conceptual difficulties of secondary school students to understand the basic features of the concept of electrochemistry like redox reactions, galvanic andExpand
Malaysian Students' Scientific Argumentation: Do groups perform better than individuals?
The practices of argumentation have recently been upheld as an important need to develop students' understanding of scientific concepts. However, the present education system in Malaysia is stillExpand
Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge in Problem Solving
Abstract This descriptive quantitative study aims to measure secondary year 4 students’ problem solving in chemistry. Expand
Effect of STEM competition on STEM career interest
The Young Innovators Challenge Programme is a programme in Malaysia to increase students’ generic and soft skills, problem solving, creativity and innovation through workshops, boot camp and competitions. Expand
The Existence of Alternative Framework in Students’ Scientific Imagination on the Concept of Matter at Submicroscopic Level: Macro Imagination
This study is conducted with the purpose of identifying the alternative framework contained in students’ imagination on the concept of matter at submicroscopic level. Through the design of purposiveExpand
Effects of concept mapping in laboratory learning activities to generate students’ higher order thinking skills in electrolysis
The use of concept maps as an alternative assessment tool in laboratory learning activities could improve students’ higher order thinking skills in Electrolysis. Expand
Problem Solving: Algorithms and Conceptual and Open-ended Problems in Chemistry☆
The purpose of this study is to identify the level of students’ achievements in solving chemical problems in the form of algorithms and conceptual and open-ended problems. Expand
Self Reflection Focusing On Pedagogical Content Knowledge
This article reports the findings of self-reflection among Chemistry student teachers which focuses on their pedagogical content knowledge for several topics including syllabus, significance of the topics in chemistry, students’ learning difficulties, teaching methods and assessment techniques. Expand
Factors preventing Malaysian teachers from using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching mathematics
This article discusses the factors which prevent secondary school teachers from using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) during their teaching of Mathematics in schools. Expand