Johanny Gouvernet

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BACKGROUND Early detection is crucial to improve melanoma prognosis. Different diagnostic guides such as the ABCD rule (asymmetry [A], irregularity of borders [B], unevenness of distribution of color [C], and diameter [D]) have been proposed to identify melanoma, but their efficacy in real life is questionable. We investigated the recognition process of(More)
BACKGROUND The modern concept of affective disorders focuses increasingly on the study of subthreshold conditions on the border of manic or depressive episodes. Indeed, a spectrum of affective conditions spanning from temperament to clinical episodes has been proposed by the senior author. As bipolar disorder is a familial illness, an examination of(More)
UNLABELLED Since the two last decades, many authors have broadened the scope of mood disorders to include a larger bipolar spectrum which encompasses the sub-affective conditions, including temperaments. According to this view, the latter conditions represent milder or alternative expressions of the classic bipolar episodes. In successive elaborations,(More)
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