Johannes van Loon

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STUDY DESIGN Prospective, concurrently enrolled, multicenter trials of the Bryan Cervical Disc Prosthesis (Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Memphis, TN) were conducted for the treatment of patients with single-level and two-level (bi-level) degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. OBJECTIVES The studies were designed to determine whether new functional(More)
Anatomical studies indicate that area F5 in the macaque ventral premotor cortex consists of three different sectors. One of these is F5a in the posterior bank of the inferior arcuate sulcus, but no functional characterization of F5a at the single-cell level exists. We investigated the neuronal selectivity for three-dimensional (3D) shape and grasping(More)
The macaque anterior intraparietal area (AIP) is crucial for visually guided grasping. AIP neurons respond during the visual presentation of real-world objects and encode the depth profile of disparity-defined curved surfaces. We investigated the neural representation of curved surfaces in AIP using a stimulus-reduction approach. The stimuli consisted of(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the therapeutic role of adjuvant vaccination with autologous mature dendritic cells (DC) loaded with tumor lysates derived from autologous, resected glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) at time of relapse. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Fifty-six patients with relapsed GBM (WHO grade IV) were treated with at least three vaccinations. Children and(More)
BACKGROUND Studies done in potential donors for heart transplantation and in experimental animals have suggested that brain death can have major histopathological and functional effects on the myocardium. METHODS AND RESULTS We developed experimental models of brain death using dogs to study the hemodynamic and catecholamine changes, the extent of(More)
Pituitary adenomas cause significant endocrine and mass-related morbidity. Little is known about the mechanisms that underlie pituitary tumor pathogenesis. In the present study, we searched for a side population (SP) in pituitary tumors representing cells with high efflux capacity and potentially enriched for tumor stem cells (TSCs). Human pituitary(More)
BACKGROUND Invasive electroencephalogram (EEG) studies are often considered necessary to localize the epileptogenic zone in partial epilepsies associated with focal dysplastic lesions (FDL). Our aim was to evaluate the relationships between subtraction ictal SPECT coregistered with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (SISCOM) hyperperfusion clusters and(More)
BACKGROUND The technique of posterior fossa decompression, nowadays preferred by most neurosurgeons as the first surgical option in the treatment of hindbrain associated syringomyelia, was reintroduced in our center in 1989. We present a retrospective analysis of 22 patients with this pathology who underwent the procedure since then. METHODS In all(More)
BACKGROUND Microvascular endothelium in different organs is specialized to fulfill the particular needs of parenchymal cells. However, specific information about heart capillary endothelial cells (ECs) is lacking. METHODS AND RESULTS Using microarray profiling on freshly isolated ECs from heart, brain, and liver, we revealed a genetic signature for(More)
To determine the catecholamine response to progressive intracranial hypertension, intracranial pressure (ICP) was raised gradually by continuous expansion of an epidural balloon in seven dogs. Hemodynamic parameters, ICP, and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) were monitored continuously and serum catecholamine levels began to rise when CPP was in the(More)