Johannes Wolter

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We investigate the relation between the physical world and its mental representation in the 'cognitive map', and test if this representation is image-like and complies with the laws of Euclidean geometry. We have developed a new experimental technique using 'impossible' virtual environments (VE) to directly influence the representational development.(More)
We investigate a hybrid system for autonomous exploration and navigation, and implement it in a virtual mobile agent, which operates in virtual spatial environments. The system is based on several distinguishing properties. The representation is not map-like, but based on sensorimotor features, i.e. on combinations of sensory features and motor actions. The(More)
During carotid endarterectomy, the use of locoregional anesthesia to achieve a combined superficial and deep cervical plexus block can cause cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic complications. Seeking to reduce risk and find an easier procedure, we applied locoregional anesthesia and an intermediate cervical plexus block in a series of patients who(More)
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