Johannes Wolter

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The experiment reviewed here was an attempt to examine whether or not magnitudes of first and second interval skin conductance responses (FIR, SIR) to different conditioned stimuli (CS), each predicting another unconditioned stimulus (US), mirror the aversiveness of the predicted USs. Twenty human subjects received a differential Pavlovian conditioning(More)
  • R Baumgartl, M Borriss, H Hh, Cl.-J Hamann, M Hohmuth, L Reuther +2 others
  • 1998
This paper describes the construction of an operating system supporting real-time applications with strong quality of service requirements based on a consequent resource scheduling as well as non-real-time functionality b y a conventional Unix personality. The main part of the paper discusses t h e p o r t o f t h e L i n ux operating system onto the(More)
We investigate a hybrid system for autonomous exploration and navigation, and implement it in a virtual mobile agent, which operates in virtual spatial environments. The system is based on several distinguishing properties. The representation is not map-like, but based on sensorimotor features, i.e. on combinations of sensory features and motor actions. The(More)
A large sample study on the temporal robustness of affective responses. (2016) Inside the host's mind: psychological principles of viral marketing. press). The impact of question format, context, and content on survey answers in early and late adolescence.
Vertebral involvement is no longer a contraindication for resection in superior sulcus tumors. We describe the reconstruction of thoracic vertebras 2 to 4 using a free vascularized fibular graft combined with dorsal and ventral stabilization using rods, screws, and hooks after resection of a superior sulcus tumor that invaded the thoracic spine. No(More)
It is assumed, although not proven, that 13CO2-excretion following ingestion of 13C-octanoic acid (13C-OA) does not only depend on gastric emptying (GE) but also on absorption and metabolism of 13C-OA and endogenous CO2-production. Our aims were (i) to test the effects of patient characteristics and of diseases that may impair 13C-OA-metabolism on GE(More)
  • R F Milsom, N H C Refly, M Redwood, A Greebe, P A Van Dalen, T J Swanenburg +1 other
  • 2000
Analysis of generation and detection of surface and bulk acoustic waves by inter-digital transducers," IEEE Trans. 1982, where he is investigating reflected bulk waves for microwave acoustic and acoustoelectric device applications. His current research interests also include signal analysis and processing in optical fiber systems. Dr. Josse is a member of(More)