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Service oriented architecture (SOA) is currently the most discussed concept for engineering enterprise IT architectures. True SOA is more than web services and web services style of communication. In the first place, it is a paradigm for structuring the business of an enterprise according to services. This allows companies to flexibly adapt to changing(More)
The SOA Innovation Lab has investigated the use of standard software packages in as ervice-oriented context. As a result, we present a holistic approach for developing a service-oriented enterprise architecture with custom and standard software packages. It starts on enterprise levelw ith the identification of domains where boththe SOA paradigm and standard(More)
In diesem Artikel wird ein praxiserprobtes Rahmenwerk für die techni-sche Anwendungsintegration vorgestellt. Es besteht aus Begriffsdefinitionen, Re-geln für die Auswahl der adäquaten Integrationsebene, Referenzarchitekturen, Pro-duktlandkarten und Hinweisen zum Vorgehen. Es hilft nachweislich, die Wartung und Weiterentwicklung von integrierten(More)
Capacitive electrodes have been studied as an alternative to gel electrodes, as they allow measurement of biopotentials without conductive contact with the patient. However, because the skin interface is not as precisely defined as with gel electrodes, this could lead to signal deformation and misdiagnoses. Thus, measurement of a capacitive coupling of the(More)
The SOA Innovation Lab investigates the use of standard software packages in a service-oriented context. As a part of this investigation the SOA capabilities of products from different vendors need to be evaluated. For this purpose a SOA architecture maturity framework has been developed, leveraging and extending CMMI and TOGAF, as well as other(More)
The SOA Innovation Lab presents a holistic approach for the development of a service-oriented enterprise architecture with custom and standard software packages. Starting point is the construction and analysis of company domain maps with respect to characteristics of SOA and standard software. After assessing the SOA ability of standard software packages(More)