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Being closer to the poor, NGOs are widely believed to provide better targeted aid than state agencies. But empirical evidence is largely lacking. We contribute to closing this gap by drawing on an exceptionally detailed Swiss database that covers different forms of NGO aid and several official aid benchmarks. The differentiated Tobit estimations account for(More)
A brief period of ischemia was used to evaluate an erythrocyte-enriched Krebs-Henseleit (KH) buffer (n=8) compared to KH only (n=8) in an isolated working rabbit heart. Experimental protocol was as follows: preischemic baseline, 5 min of global ischemia followed by 45 min of reperfusion. Preischemic heart rate was identical, coronary flow was significantly(More)
Ziel dieser Studie war die Untersuchung der Reperfusion unter dem Einfluß des ACE-Hemmers Ramiprilat nach 60 min Ischämie. Diese Studies sollte zeigen, ob durch Ramiprilat—in der Reperfusion appliziert—die bekannten antiischämischen Effekte der ACE-Hemmer zu beobachten sind. Bestimmt wurden präund postischämische hämodynamische und biochemische Parameter.(More)
Glutaric aciduria type I is due to an impaired glutaryl-CoA-dehydrogenase with an increased urinary excretion of glutaric and 3-OH glutaric acid. Typically, the clinical course until the sixth month or even 3rd year of life is symptom free, and only later an encephalopathic crisis develops. The only symptom of our 4 patients was macrocephaly (head(More)
NGO aid is still widely believed to be superior to official aid (ODA). However, the incentives of NGOs to excel and target aid to the poor and deserving are increasingly disputed. We contribute to the emerging literature on the allocation of NGO aid by performing panel Tobit estimations for Swiss NGOs. The analysis offers new insights in two major regards:(More)
In this paper, we use survey data to analyze the accuracy, unbiasedness, and the efficiency of professional macroeconomic forecasts. We analyze a large panel of individual forecasts that has not been analyzed in the literature so far. We provide evidence on the properties of forecasts for all G7 counties and for four different macroeconomic variables. Our(More)
This is a technical report on a specially equipped ambulance for transportation of high-risk, seriously ill neonates. A mobile neonatal intensive-care-unit operating independently of the car utilized an Ohio-transport-incubator with 12V-DC portable power pak and collapsible stand, battery-operated ECG-monitor with optical and acoustical signal, a(More)
Glutaracidemia/glutaraciduria type I is an acute or subacute neuropathic disorder of infancy or early childhood. The following symptoms characterize the clinical course: macrocephalus present at birth, cerebral atrophy revealed by CT or MRI scans, most striking in the frontal and temporal lobes, choreoathetosis and dystonia as neurological handicaps. The(More)
In patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), four cases of mycobacterial infection in which bacilli appeared as cylindrical, nonstaining "negative images" have been previously described. These may have been extracellular or within histiocyte cytoplasm, and they have been described in aspirations from liver, lymph node, and bone marrow and(More)