Johannes Vetter

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In the last years new concepts of digital music distribution have been developed. One of them is Music as a Service, which provides music streaming over the internet as a service-without transferring ownership for the content. This differentiates Music as a Service from Download to Own, which is used by music download platforms predominantly and is the most(More)
In this paper we present new results of our ongoing research project on the Display Cube. The Display Cube is a playful tangible user interface for fostering learning for young children aged between 6 and 12. We designed the Display Cube as a generic platform for learning applications, supporting all kinds of quiz-based and multiple choice tests. Questions(More)
Despite their strategic relevance in organizations, information technology (IT) investments still result in alarmingly high failure rates. As IT investments are such a delicate high-risk/high-reward matter, it is crucial for organizations to avoid flawed IT investment decision-making. Previous research in consumer and organizational decision-making shows(More)
The proposed demonstration offers the possibility to access and interact with (web) services through Physical Mobile Interaction (PMI) with tag-based dynamic physical objects such as papers. Our demonstration supports several direct manipulation gestures in the real world and deals with physical objects able to provide system feedback to the user during the(More)
Early IS-outsourcing research is mainly based on three assumptions: the research results are normative, the decision maker acts in a completely rational manner, and the decision is made at a single point in time. Within the last decade, some of these assumptions have been softened, and studies have attempted to broaden the research by investigating the(More)
During the past 20 years, a rich but diverse body of knowledge has accumulated regarding information technology outsourcing (ITO). Researchers have studied several factors that explain ITO decisions. So far, previous studies resorted mainly to rational efficiency criteria. In recent years researchers started to integrate soft factors into the explanatory(More)
The paper focuses on the essentials of psychoanalytic process and change and the question of how the neural correlates and mechanisms of psychodynamic psychotherapy can be investigated. The psychoanalytic approach aims at enabling the patient to "remember, repeat, and work through" concerning explicit memory. Moreover, the relationship between analyst and(More)
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