Johannes Vatter

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This paper examines regional differences in subjective well-being (SWB) in Germany. Inferential statistics indicate a diminishing but still significant gap between East and West Germany, but also differing levels of SWB within both parts. The observed regional pattern of life satisfaction reflects macroeconomic fundamentals, where labor market conditions(More)
“Bailing out” has recently become a standard expression in newspapers’ business sections all over the world. First, there was the financial sector, followed by the automotive industry until finally many large and middle-sized companies longed for public help. The survival of huge corporations or crucial financial institutions is of great interest in a(More)
The value of sonography as a primary screening method for the diagnosis of liver metastases or liver involvement by malignant lymphoma has been investigated in 163 patients. The following results were obtained: sensitivity 92%, specificity 80%, accuracy 85%. In 109 patients CT findings were also considered. The high proportion of correct positive and low(More)
DSA of the lung entails reduced examination risk and is a simpler procedure than conventional angiography. Out of a total of 55 lung DSA's, 53 (96%) supplied reliable diagnostic information. Suspicion of pulmonary embolism was the most frequent indication. DSA was also successfully employed in therapy control. Since other diseases of the pulmonary vessels(More)
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