Johannes Tenschert

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Traditional tracking of bats uses telemetry [ADMW09]. This is very laborious for the biologists: At least twoo ft hem must run through the forest to get ag ood triangulation. And, only one bat at atime can be tracked with this method. been established to develop more sophisticated sensor nodes for the bats to carry 1 .T hese mobile nodes must not be heavier(More)
Many interesting applications of continuous-query processing are concerned with pattern matching or complex temporal aggregation of events. Real-world queries that rely on these operations are difficult to implement in current stream-processing systems. The reason seems to be a gap between two types of existing query languages: Some languages (e. g. CQL)(More)
In the medical domain, data quality is very important. Since requirements and data change frequently, continuous and sustainable monitoring and improvement of data quality is necessary. Working together with managers of medical centers, we developed an architecture for a data quality monitoring system. The architecture enables domain experts to adapt the(More)
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