Johannes Tandler

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The dependence of dijet production on the virtuality of the exchanged photon, Q 2 , has been studied by measuring dijet cross sections in the range 0 < ∼ Q 2 < 2000 GeV 2 with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of 38.6 pb −1. Dijet cross sections were measured for jets with transverse energy E jet T > 7.5 and 6.5 GeV and(More)
The EU funded integrated project APROSYS aims to increase the safety of road users. Among others, subproject 6 (SP6) "intelligent safety systems" develops, realises and verifies novel side pre-crash systems. Previously we presented an application analysis, the resulting system definition and the selection of sensors of a suitable side sensing system. The(More)
The EU funded Integrated Project APROSYS aims to increase the safety of road users. Among others, Subproject 6 (SP6) "intelligent safety systems" develop, realize and verify novel side pre-crash systems. Based on an application analysis and a system definition, we selected the sensors of a suitable side sensing system. The sensing system is based on a(More)
  • Zeus Collaboration, J Breitweg, +407 authors W B Schmidke
  • 2007
The e + p neutral-current deep inelastic scattering diierential cross-sections dd=dQ 2 , for Q 2 > 400 GeV 2 , dd=dx and dd=dy, for Q 2 > 400, 2500 and 10000 GeV 2 , have been measured with the ZEUS detector at HERA. The data sample of 47.7 pb ?1 was collected at a center-of-mass energy of 300 GeV. The cross-section, dd=dQ 2 , falls by six orders of(More)
The ZEUS detector has been used to study dissociation of virtual photons in events with a leading proton, γ ⋆ p → Xp, in e + p collisions at HERA. The data cover photon virtualities in two ranges, 0.03 < Q 2 < 0.60 GeV 2 and 2 < Q 2 < 100 GeV 2 , with M X > 1.5 GeV, where M X is the mass of the hadronic final state, X. Events were required to have a leading(More)
The PrimeGame is an established mathematical programming game that has been used successfully in undergraduate computer science teaching since 2003. To meet the increasing demand for innovative programming tools in undergraduate tertiary and secondary education, we have created SoGaCo, a novel platform to deliver the PrimeGame and similar games to a wide(More)
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