Johannes Steinmann

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Double photoionization (DPI) and ionization-excitation (IE) of Li(2s) and Li(2p), state-prepared and aligned in a magneto-optical trap, were explored in a reaction microscope at the free-electron laser in Hamburg (FLASH). From 6 to 12 eV above threshold (homega = 85, 91 eV), total as well as differential DPI cross sections were observed to critically depend(More)
For indicator-dilution studies, complete thermal recovery after passage of heat through the pulmonary circulation would be desirable. However, the results in the literature obtained by extrapolation techniques are inconsistent. To overcome problems of the extrapolation approach, transport functions of the pulmonary circulation (including the left heart)(More)
This study evaluates the routine mathematic approach (monoexponential extrapolation) for analysis of transpulmonary thermal-dye dilution curves and estimates the effects of systemic-indicator recirculation by use of a deconvolution technique. Fifteen dogs anesthetized with N2O-piritramid were studied before and after induction of pulmonary edema by oleic(More)
Whole-hands and fingerpads of seven volunteers were contaminated with poliovirus type 1 Sabin strain in order to evaluate virucidal efficacy of different forms of handwashing and handrub with alcohols and alcohol-based disinfectants. In the whole-hand protocol, handwashing with unmedicated soap for 5 min and handrubbing with 80% ethanol yielded a log(More)
OBJECTIVE With changed consumer behaviour in the drug scene the psychiatric complications with the derivates of amphetamine increase. In some regions methamphetamin is particularly common. Flashbacks, which can be triggered by psychosocial stress, as well as the age of the usually young patients lead to the differential diagnosis of schizophrenia. METHODS(More)
518 stool specimens from patients with acute gastroenteritis, presumed to suffer from infections with enteropathogenic E. coli, were screened for rotavirus. Rotaviruses were found in 23.3%. Specimens containing virus mainly belonged to hospitalised infants aged less than 6 months. In 4 cases enteropathogenic E. coli were found in addition to rotaviruses.(More)
In laboratory experiments the elimination of bacteria and viruses in treated sewage by different flocculants varied between 47.9 and 99.5%. Ferric and aluminum chloride reduced both groups of microorganisms in a greater extent than polyelectrolytes, among those the cationic polymers were better suitable than nonionic and anionic types. With a combination of(More)
Synopsis Double photoionization (DPI) of lithium atoms in a magneto-optical trap by 85 eV and 91 eV photons from the Hamburg Free Electron Laser (FLASH) is investigated using cold target recoil ion momentum spectroscopy. For ejection of a 1s and the optically excited 2p electron we demonstrate that the DPI cross section significantly depends on the(More)
During a period of 3 weeks, 17 premature neonates 4 of them weighing less than 1000 g at birth became infected with echovirus 11 in a neonatal intensive-care unit. Beside 3 inapparent infections, severe 'septicaemic' illness was observed among 5 premature neonates combined with meningitis and apnoeic attacks. 4 neonates presented meningitis as the(More)