Johannes Stark

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Over a 2-year period (1987-1988), 31 children (3% of 960 operations) were found to have a paralysed diaphragm following cardiac surgery. The median age was 5 months with 65% less than 1 year of age. In the 31 patients, 38 paralysed diaphragms were identified. The phrenic nerve injury was on the right in 8 cases, the left in 16, bilateral in 7 and 40% were(More)
Acute renal failure developed in 24 (5.3%) of 456 children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery during a 2-year period. It was more common in younger children, in those with complex cardiac lesions, and in those with long overall bypass times. Fourteen (58%) recovered renal function; renal failure was responsible for death in only two. Early vigorous(More)
Eighteen patients who underwent surgical treatment of pulmonary artery sling at this institution since 1969 were reviewed. Four of them had associated tracheal stenoses produced by complete cartilaginous rings (stovepipe trachea). All patients underwent operation. The median age at operation was 180 days (range, 27 days to 54 months). In the 14 patients(More)
PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 1971 and 1993, 656 conduits were placed in the subpulmonary position. Patients receiving heterografts or valveless conduits and patients dying within 90 days of insertion were excluded; thus 405 homograft conduits were studied. There were 293 aortic homografts, 94 pulmonary, and 18 of unknown type. The end point of conduit(More)
The D0 Collaboration presents first evidence for the production of single top quarks at the Fermilab Tevatron pp[over ] collider. Using a 0.9 fb(-1) dataset, we apply a multivariate analysis to separate signal from background and measure sigma(pp[over ]-->tb+X,tqb+X)=4.9+/-1.4 pb. The probability to measure a cross section at this value or higher in the(More)
The branching fractions of the exclusive decays B0-->K(*0)gamma and B+-->K(*+)gamma are measured from a sample of (22.74+/-0.36)x10(6) BB decays collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric e(+)e(-) collider. We find B (B0-->K(*0)gamma) = [4.23+/-0.40(stat)+/-0.22(syst)]x10(-5), B(B+-->K(*+)gamma) = [3.83+/-0.62(stat)+/-0.22(syst)]x10(-5) and(More)
In this clinical study, 20 high risk infants and neonates were monitored to identify and characterize pulmonary hypertensive crises following surgery for congenital cardiac defects. Monitoring included right ventricular or pulmonary artery pressure catheters and transcutaneous oximetry. Eleven patients also had continuous analog recording of hemodynamic(More)
Between April, 1975, and December, 1979, 99 modified Blalock-Taussig shunts (MBTSs) were carried out at The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. The operation consists of interposing between the subclavian artery and the pulmonary artery a prosthesis of greater diameter than that of the subclavian artery. The first 13 operations were performed(More)
[1] Current hydrographic data can provide snapshots but no continuous timeseries of the meridional overturning circulation (MOC). Using output from two eddy-permitting numerical ocean models we test the feasibility of a monitoring system for the MOC in the North Atlantic. The results suggest that a relatively simple arrangement, using moorings placed across(More)