Johannes Sorger

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Neuroscientists study the function of neural circuits in the brain of the common fruit fly Drosophila Melanogaster to discover how complex behavior is generated. Through a combination of molecular-genetic techniques and confocal microscopy the scientists are able to highlight single neurons and produce three-dimensional images of the fly’s brain. Neurons(More)
State-of-the-art lighting design is based on physically accurate lighting simulations of scenes such as offices. The simulation results support lighting designers in the creation of lighting configurations, which must meet contradicting customer objectives regarding quality and price while conforming to industry standards. However, current tools for(More)
3D visibility analysis plays a key role in urban planning for assessing the visual impact of proposed buildings on the cityscape. A call for proposals typically yields around 30 candidate buildings that need to be evaluated with respect to selected viewpoints. Current visibility analysis methods are very time-consuming and limited to a small number of(More)
Research on visual data representations is traditionally classified into methods assuming an inherent mapping from data values to spatial coordinates (scientific visualization and real-time rendering) and methods for abstract data lacking explicit spatial references (information visualization). In practice, however, many applications need to analyze data(More)
A challenging problem in biology is the incompleteness of acquired information when visualizing biological phenomena. Structural biology generates detailed models of viruses or bacteria at different development stages, while the processes that relate one stage to another are often not clear. Similarly, the entire life cycle of a biological entity might be(More)
In scientific illustrations and visualization, cutaway views are often employed as an effective technique for occlusion management in densely packed scenes. We propose a novel method for authoring cutaway illustrations of mesoscopic biological models. In contrast to the existing cutaway algorithms, we take advantage of the specific nature of the biological(More)
We present an approach to represent DNA nanostructures in varying forms of semantic abstraction, describe ways to smoothly transition between them, and thus create a continuous multiscale visualization and interaction space for applications in DNA nanotechnology. This new way of observing, interacting with, and creating DNA nanostructures enables domain(More)
Neuroscientists study the function of neural circuits in the brain of the common fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to discover how complex behavior is generated. To establish models of neural information processing, knowledge about potential connections between individual neurons is required. Connections can occur when the arborizations of two neurons(More)
Single-mode waveguiding devices are desired for photonic integrated circuits. Previous studies on the single-mode conditions (SMCs) of a Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) rib waveguide lack a comprehensive discussion to include a large to small range of cross-section cases, thus revealing the discrepancies of various determination methods. Here, we re-analysis the(More)
The visual analysis of surface cracks plays an essential role in tunnel maintenance when assessing the condition of a tunnel. To identify patterns of cracks, which endanger the structural integrity of its concrete surface, analysts need an integrated solution for visual analysis of geometric and multivariate data to decide if issuing a repair project is(More)