Johannes Siegel

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Insole pressure systems are often more appropriate than force platforms for analysing center of pressure (CoP) as they are more flexible in use and indicate the position of the CoP that characterizes the contact foot/shoe during gait with shoes. However, these systems are typically not synchronized with 3D motion analysis systems. The present paper proposes(More)
BACKGROUND The technological advances that have been made in developing highly functional prostheses are promising for very active patients but we do not yet know whether they cause an increase in biomechanical load along with possibly negative consequences for pressure conditions in the socket. Therefore, this study monitored the socket pressure at(More)
Sensitivity to blue was investigated in a group of subjects having long-standing reduction of visual acuity, and in another group of subjects whose acuity was reduced for the purpose of the study. The distributions of scores was compared with those of a previous study of subjects with normal acuity. The reduction of acuity produced a shift in both(More)
This report describes a genetic study of salivary map region 39DE of the Drosophila genome, which is known to include the histone gene sequences (Pardue 1975; Liftonet al. 1977). Small deficiences extending proximally into 39DE were constructed by the segmental aneuploid method of Lindsleyet al. (1972). The translocational deficiencies obtained in this(More)
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