Johannes Riemer

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5 Triple Space Computing (TSC) has been proposed as communication and coordination paradigm based on the convergence of space6 based computing and the Semantic Web. It acts as a global virtual shared space like middleware to enable communication and 7 coordination of semantic data based on the principle of publish and read. This paper presents an overview(More)
Triple Space Computing (TSC) is a very simple and powerful paradigm that inherits the communication model from Tuple Space Computing and projects it in the context of the Semantic Web. In this paper, we propose Triple Space Computing as a new communication and coordination framework for Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services. We identify the value added by(More)
The current Internet is based on the REST (representational state transfer) architectural style to guarantee scalability and to decrease complexity. All interactions are stateless and the communication between client and server is carried out in a synchronous request/response way. However, applications are evolving towards more and more dynamics. In(More)
Group communication is a very difficult task to be implemented in distributed applications. Particularly, work management systems are important in many industries to support the coordination of distributed groups of mobile workers with different levels of availability. Traditional event-based systems using point-to-point communication such as e-mail are not(More)
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