Johannes Reim

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Normal aging is characterized by detrimental changes in body composition, muscle strength, and somatotropic function. Reduction in muscle strength contributes to frailty and risk for fracture in the elderly. Although older adults increase muscle strength as a result of resistance exercise training, the strength gains quickly level off, with only modest(More)
Nerve conduction studies are widely employed in evaluating patients with peripheral nerve disease and are often used serially to measure disease progression or to assess a therapeutic intervention. We determined the inter- and intra-examiner reliability of electrophysiological data by performing serial nerve conduction studies on 7 normal subjects. A high(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if basal metabolic rate (BMR) could be elevated in older women undertaking a program of progressive resistance exercise of up to 52-weeks duration. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial with subjects assigned to either a control (CO), high-intensity (HI), or low-intensity (LO) training group for 15 weeks. BMR, body composition, energy(More)
An ongoing, T-cell dependent, secondary antibody response to an epitope can be suppressed in vivo by low molecular weight, soluble polymers, bearing multiple copies of the same epitope. This study illustrates that such suppressive T-cell independent antigen arrays target the epitope-specific, high affinity, memory B cells for long-term functional(More)
We report two patients with mixed transcortical aphasia following left frontal lobe infarctions. Although there was no evidence of anatomic isolation of the speech area on computed tomograms or magnetic resonance imaging scans, single-photon emission computed tomography in one case demonstrated diminished blood flow over the left parietal convexity(More)
The intracellular signals governing cellular proliferation and developmental progression during lymphocyte development are incompletely understood. The tyrosine kinase Blk is expressed preferentially in the B lineage, but its function in B cell development has been largely unexplored. We have generated transgenic mice expressing constitutively active Blk(More)
Women with occasional anovulatory or short luteal phase menstrual cycles have been reported to lose bone mineral density (BMD) at a greatly accelerated rate compared to women without such abnormalities. To investigate this association, we performed a longitudinal study of BMD in a group of healthy premenopausal women enrolled in a comprehensive study of(More)
Symmetric sensorimotor polyneuropathy is a common complication of diabetes. Sensory and motor evoked amplitudes and conduction velocities are reduced. Both demyelination and axon loss have been reported in pathologic studies. Conduction block (CB), a manifestation of segmental demyelination, has not been previously studied in diabetic neuropathy. We(More)
Ongoing Ab responses to a T cell-dependent Ag can be suppressed in hyperimmune animals by exogenous, multivalent Ag arrays. The pharmacologic basis for this suppression was studied by varying the molecular mass, ligand valence, and dose of Ag arrays, and then determining their efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and tissue distribution. Arrays ranging in molecular(More)