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Habitat suitability, dispersal potential, and fragmentation influence the distribution of stream fishes; however, their relative influence and interacting effects on species distributions are poorly understood, which may result in uncertain outcomes of river rehabilitation and conservation. Using empirical data describing 17 relatively common stream fishes,(More)
River biota are affected by global reach-scale pressures, but most approaches for predicting biota of rivers focus on river reach or segment scale processes and habitats. Moreover, these approaches do not consider long-term morphological changes that affect habitat conditions. In this study, a modelling framework was further developed and tested to assess(More)
Modelling fish dispersal in catchments affected by multiple anthropogenic pressures PhD-Thesis Acknowledgements I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors Werner Kloas and Christian Wolter. My very special and sincere thanks go to Christian Wolter, whose expertise, skills and encouragement added considerably to my scientific experience and(More)
Habitat suitability and the distinct mobility of species depict fundamental keys for explaining and understanding the distribution of river fishes. In recent years, comprehensive data on river hydromorphology has been mapped at spatial scales down to 100 m, potentially serving high resolution species-habitat models, e.g., for fish. However, the relative(More)
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