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The implementation of a reliable indoor localization system can be the starting point for a variety of much desired applications. Either we want to implement a solution for efficient patient monitoring inside a hospital or an automatic guide inside a museum, a working localization solution is needed. Smartphone technology provides us with a powerful and(More)
One of the efficient ways to reduce the carbon dioxide emission is the optimization of household customers' energy usage behavior. The suitable visualization of energy data, corresponding costs and tariff information on mobile devices depicts an important prerequisite to achieve this goal. The household customer is enabled to manage his energy usage in(More)
While allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is very efficient in hymenoptera venom (HV)-allergic patients, long-term outcome after finishing AIT is not well investigated, especially regarding mechanisms that are suggested to contribute to allergen-specific tolerance. Here, we analyse the Ves v 5-inhibitory activity of sera from wasp venom-allergic patients(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic urticaria (CU) is a frequent skin disease characterized by relapsing appearance of pruritic hives. While clinical symptoms are due to the release of histamine by cutaneous mast cells, the underlying pathophysiology is still unknown. However, previous studies indicate that basophils might be of relevance. Besides, the occurrence of(More)
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