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We present a novel distributed algorithm for the maximal independent set (MIS) problem. On growth-bounded graphs (GBG) our deterministic algorithm finishes in O(log* n) time, n being the number of nodes. In light of Linial's Ω(log* n) lower bound our algorithm is asymptotically optimal. Our algorithm answers prominent open problems in the ad hoc/sensor(More)
Symmetry-breaking problems are among the most well studied in the field of distributed computing and yet the most fundamental questions about their complexity remain open. In this article we work in the LOCAL model (where the input graph and underlying distributed network are identical) and study the <i>randomized</i> complexity of four fundamental(More)
UNLABELLED Bacteria organize many membrane-related signaling processes in functional microdomains that are structurally and functionally similar to the lipid rafts of eukaryotic cells. An important structural component of these microdomains is the protein flotillin, which seems to act as a chaperone in recruiting other proteins to lipid rafts to facilitate(More)
We show that the asymptotic gain in the time complexity when using collision detection depends heavily on the task by investigating three prominent problems for wireless networks, i.e. the maximal independent set (MIS), broadcasting and coloring problem. We present lower and upper bounds for all three problems for the Growth-Bounded Graph such as the Unit(More)
 Coarse grained vs. fine grained locking easy but slow program demanding, time consuming but fast programs Thread 1 Thread 2 lock all data modify/use data unlock all data lock Element A lock Element B modify/use A,B lock Element C modify/use A,B,C unlock A modify/use B,C unlock B,C lock Element B lock Element A modify/use A,B unlock A,B Deadlock! Only 1(More)
The fluoride fiber laser with the longest emission wavelength, the Ho(3+)-transition at 3.9 mum in the attenuation minimum of the 3-5-mum atmospheric window, is characterized. After reviewing the importance of fluoride fibers due to their low phonon energies, we describe room-temperature fluorescence and laser action with liquid-nitrogen cooling.(More)
— Reliably perceiving obstacles and avoiding collisions is key for the fully autonomous application of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs). Limiting factors for increasing autonomy and complexity of MAVs are limited onboard sensing and limited onboard processing power. In this paper, we propose a complete system with a multimodal sensor setup for omnidirectional(More)
The effects of drugs that inhibit human ether-a-go-go-related gene (HERG) related cardiac potassium channels on the variability of QT duration as a sign of repolarisation instability were evaluated in conscious telemetered dogs. QT duration variability was determined using a beat-to-beat analysis before and after the infusions of HERG channel blocking(More)