Johannes Nix

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The role of temporal fluctuations and systematic variations of interaural parameters in localization of sound sources in spatially distributed, nonstationary noise conditions was investigated. For this, Bayesian estimation was applied to interaural parameters calculated with physiologically plausible time and frequency resolution. Probability density(More)
A main task for computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) is to separate several concurrent speech sources. From psychoa-coustics it is known that common onsets, common amplitude modulation and sound source direction are among the important cues which allow the separation for the human auditory system. A new algorithm is presented here, that performs(More)
Noise reduction algorithms have been proposed which imitate aspects of the binaural processing in the hearing system. Based on a two-channel input, it is theoretically possible to cancel one interfering directional noise source at a time and to cancel reverberation based on coherence measures. In practice, however, no significant increase in speech(More)
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