Johannes-Martin Hahn

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BACKGROUND the usefulness of geriatric evaluation and management (GEM) approaches in the care of frail elderly patients remains uncertain. We examined whether an inpatient geriatric consultation service might be beneficial in a country with a social welfare system. METHODS we conducted a randomised trial with 345 patients from five centres. Ninety(More)
We have generated a transgenic mouse line by introducing the rabbit uteroglobin gene with 4 kb of 5'-flanking DNA and 1 kb of 3'-flanking DNA into the mouse germ line via microinjection into fertilized oocytes. Expression of the rabbit uteroglobin transgene was examined and compared with the endogenous mouse uteroglobin gene. Both genes are expressed in the(More)
  • J Hahn
  • 1989
New biotechnical methods in reproduction have been introduced in animal breeding via embryo transfer. There are no serious objections against these methods as long as the variety of species is reassured and the animal protection law is considered. More substantial objections exist against genetic engineering methods which alter the genome of animals. Beside(More)
Although cryopreservation experiments with mammalian embryos have been performed for more than 30 years, definite progress was only achieved in the seventies. Investigations with mouse embryos have mainly contributed to the establishment of cryopreservation procedures for livestock embryos. Today the freezing of sheep and cattle embryos is applied to(More)
No difficulties were encountered in the collection of preovulatory oocytes from the follicles of rabbits. A mean of 11.7 ova were recovered by follicle puncture. In vitro fertilization of the preovulatory oocytes was influenced by their stage of maturation. The highest fertilization rate (83%) was obtained using oocytes collected 9 h after injection of P-LH(More)