Johannes Maria Kraus

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This paper introduces a model integrating research on antecedents of safe and enjoyable interaction with highly automated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It focuses on the psychological processes during the initial encounters with a system, in which system features interact with personality factors in building up beliefs and attitudes about a(More)
In automated cars social agents could facilitate trust generation. We conducted a driving simulator study in which we manipulated the human-likeness of a spoken-dialogue system (SDS). In a simple rural road overtaking paradigm users either interacted with a SDS with no physical presence (Voice Only), with an SDS represented by the humanoid robot NAO(More)
PURPOSE Proteasome-inhibiting drugs (PI) are gaining importance in hematologic oncology. The proteasome carries three proteolytically active subunits (β1, β2, β5). All established PI (bortezomib and carfilzomib), as well as experimental drugs in the field (dalanzomib, oprozomib, and ixazomib), by design target the rate-limiting β5 subunit. It is unknown(More)
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