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Since the rise of the light weight software processes, the paradigm on how software should be developed has started to shift. Agile methods strive to supersede the traditional software process with its exhausting requirements elicitation at the beginning of a software development project, at least for smaller or younger companies. The software engineering(More)
We present an architecture of collaborating software agents which is supposed to tackle the problem of information integration in a flexible and generic way. An intended system is supposed to offer a transparent view onto information resources (data sources and software tools) for genomic research and to be able to adopt to the constantly evolving(More)
When agile methods arose, they were tried in small, collocated teams developing medium critical client or server software mostly with internal teams or effort-based contracts. Even today many proponents and skeptics of agile development believe that these parameters limit its use. Others have tried to cross these boundaries and have applied the agile value(More)
The process of surveying crane runways has been continually refined due to the competitive situation, modern surveying instruments, additional sensors, accessories and evaluation procedures. Guidelines, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 12488-1, define target values that must be determined by survey. For a crane runway these(More)
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