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Formal verification methods have gained increased importance due to their ability to guarantee system correctness and improve reliability. Nevertheless, the question how proofs are to be formalized in theorem provers is far from being trivial, yet very important as one needs to spend much more time on verification if the formal-ization was not cleverly(More)
Cell polarity reflected by asymmetric distribution of proteins at the plasma membrane is a fundamental feature of unicellular and multicellular organisms. It remains conceptually unclear how cell polarity is kept in cell wall-encapsulated plant cells. We have used super-resolution and semi-quantitative live-cell imaging in combination with pharmacological,(More)
Model-driven software development (MDD) is seen as a promising approach to improve software quality and reduce production costs significantly. However, one of the problems in using MDD especially in the area of safety-critical systems is the lack of verified transformations. The verification of crucial safety properties on the model level is only really(More)
Correctness of compilers is a vital precondition for the correctness of the software translated by them. In this paper, we present two approaches for the formaliza-tion of static single assignment (SSA) form together with two corresponding formal proofs in the Isabelle/HOL system, each showing the correctness of code generation. Our comparison between the(More)
INTRODUCTION The possible role of UCP2 in modulating mitochondrial Ca2+-uptake (mCa2+-uptake) via the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) is highly controversial. METHODS Thus, we analyzed mCa2+-uptake in isolated cardiac mitochondria, MCU single-channel activity in cardiac mitoplasts, dual Ca2+-transients from mitochondrial ((Ca2+)m) and intracellular(More)
UML specifications offer the advantage to describe software systems while the actual task of implementing code for them is passed to code generators that automatically produce e.g. Java code. For safety reasons, it is necessary that the generated code is semantically equivalent to the original UML specification. In this paper, we present our approach to(More)
The paper is written for those seeking a decision theory appropriate for use in serious choices such as insurance. It employs stages of knowledge ahead to track satisfactions and dissatisfactions. In the first stage of the risk, the uninsured face dissatisfactions of worries and planning difficulties (avoided by the insured), also perhaps positive(More)
The problem of how life began can be considered as a matter of basic chemistry. How did the molecules of life arise from non-biological chemistry? Stanley Miller's famous experiment in 1953, in which he produced amino acids under simulated early Earth conditions, was a huge leap forward in our understanding of this problem. Our research first simulated(More)