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The poor biocompatibility of metallic coronary stents which leads to un-satisfying restenosis rates is mainly caused by contact activation of blood cells, smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells. Mimicking a metal surface with a biocompatible coating that actively suppresses mechanisms leading to restenosis may overcome today's limitations regarding the(More)
An alternative to open heart surgery in treating arterial diseases causing restricted blood flow is the implantation of intracoronary metallic stents. In spite of the advances in implantation and in spite of the excellent mechanical properties of metallic stents, there are still limitations because of the thrombogenicity of the metal. We have, hence,(More)
Surface immobilization of the thrombin inhibitor r-hirudin was carried out on two different polymers. Linkage to poly(urethane-graft-acrylic acid) (PAC/PU) was done via carboxylic acid groups, using a water soluble carbodimide, while the immobilization on a modified poly[(ethene-co-vinyl acetate)-graft-vinyl chloride] (PVC/EVA) was achieved via the alcohol(More)
The use of social media in the private and professional context is continuously increasing. Particularly in the private context most users are competent in dealing with these technologies. However, when it comes to apply social media in the professional context (e.g. communicating or searching for relevant information or integrating social media in classes(More)
PURPOSE Does hirudin coating improve the patency of iliac artery endoprostheses in comparison to non-hirudin-coated endoprostheses? MATERIALS AND METHODS Nitinol stents and stentgrafts covered with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) were coated with the polymer polyamino-p-xylylene-co-poly-p-xylylene using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. Hirudin(More)
The use of social media in the private context is increasing. However, when it comes to integrate social media into everyday vocational life many persons still lack the necessary skills. One reason is that the training of social media skills is not yet sufficiently integrated into the processes of vocational education. Both, students and teachers would(More)
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