Johannes L. H. Evers

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Besides the established selection criteria based on embryo morphology and blastomere number, new parameters for embryo viability are needed to improve the clinical outcome of IVF and more particular of elective single-embryo transfer. Genome-wide gene expression in cumulus cells was studied, since these cells surround the oocyte inside the follicle and(More)
BACKGROUND Cleavage stage embryos as well as postimplantation embryos have been studied extensively over the years. However, our knowledge with respect to the chromosomal constitution of human embryos at the blastocyst stage is still rudimentary. METHODS In the present paper, a large series of human blastocysts was examined by means of fluorescent in situ(More)
With an average monthly fecundity rate of only 20%, human beings are not fertile mammals. 10-15% of couples have difficulties conceiving, or conceiving the number of children they want, and seek specialist fertility care at least once during their reproductive lifetime. Dependent on the two main factors that determine subfertility, duration of childlessness(More)
Halteres, the modified rear wings of Diptera, have long been recognized as sensory organs necessary for basic flight stability. These organs, which act as vibrating structure gyroscopes, are known to sense strains proportional to Coriolis accelerations. While compensatory responses have been demonstrated that indicate the ability of insects to distinguish(More)
After Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the most common severe neuromuscular disease in childhood. Since 1995, homozygous deletions in exon 7 of the survival motor neuron (SMN) gene have been described in >90-95% of SMA patients. However, the presence of a highly homologous SMN copy gene complicates the detection of exon 7(More)
BACKGROUND Varicocele repair is a widely used treatment for subfertility. Our aim was to identify and combine the results from randomised controlled trials published to ascertain whether the pregnancy rates after varicocele repair are higher than those with no treatment. METHODS We did a systematic review of seven studies identified by searching Medline(More)
BACKGROUND A selective switch to elective single embryo transfer (eSET) in IVF has been suggested to prevent complications of fertility treatment for both mother and infants. We compared seven IVF strategies concerning their cost-effectiveness using a Markov model. METHODS The model was based on a three IVF-attempts time horizon and a societal perspective(More)
Previously it has been shown that significantly more 2-cell mouse embryos reach the blastocyst stage when cultured in medium supplemented with taurine. In this study, in-vitro fertilized zygotes from a hybrid mouse strain were used to examine the temporal effects of 10 mM taurine on embryonic development in vitro during the preimplantation period. Taurine(More)